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We’re the global supplier of all your veterinary products to maintain horse health and maximize equine athlete performance. Our items are used extensively with other animals such as dogs, greyhounds, camels – even racing pigeons! We have a commitment towards providing excellent customer service that can supply you throughout any need or want for an animal companion at home; we will do what’s best in order make sure every purchase made through Equinexo is hassle-free & quick.
We aim on producing high quality goods which meet standards set forth by veterinarians so each client gets nothing less than top notch care when it comes down tp their horses’ lives being managed properly from head

Medication for horse
Horse injections

The ProSafetyPharma not only sells veterinary products to maintain your horse’s health, it also deals with many countries and prides itself on how best they can make purchases easy. With formulated by veterinarians manufactured in our state-of -the art facility; The Equinexo is one stop destination for all equine needs!

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