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CHORULON 5000IU 5ML – Hcg – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin 1unit
What is CHORULON 5000IU 5ML
R: HCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
Where is CHORULON 5000IU 5ML extracted from?
A: HCG is produced in the placenta and is currently extracted from the urine of pregnant women.
Is HCG a controlled drug?
A: No, you can buy it without the need for a special prescription.
What is CHORULON 5000IU 5ML used for normally?
A:CHORULON 5000IU 5ML It is used to treat female and male infertility, in pediatrics it is used to treat cryptorchidism (when there is no normal descent from the testis to the scrotum, remaining in the inguinal canal), and hypogonadism.
How does CHORULON 5000IU 5ML work?
A: HCG mimics LH (luteinizing hormone). The presence of LH causes Leydig cells in the testicles to produce testosterone. This effect also restores the size of the testicles if they were suppressed by a steroid cycle.
Can I use only HCG in the post-cycle?
A: No, you must not do that. It would be better than nothing, but clomid or tamoxifen is much better for a post cycle. As HCG mimics LH, your body will not start producing its own LH, as it will understand that there is no need as testosterone levels will be high. You stop HCG, your testicles stop producing testosterone until your body starts producing adequate levels of LH, and it can take a long time if you don’t use clomid or tamoxifen to stimulate its production.
Can CHORULON 5000IU 5ML be used alone, without steroids, to increase testosterone production above normal levels?
A: Yes. However, this is not recommended. Continued use of CHORULON 5000IU 5ML will decrease the sensitivity of Leydig cells to LH, which means that once you stop using it, you will get sick. Natural LH production, once recovered with the use of Clomid or tamoxifen, may not be as effective as it once was. To increase natural testosterone levels above the baseline level, anastrozole, Nolvadex (tamoxifen) or clomid are better options.
So, what should CHORULON 5000IU 5ML be used for?
A: HCG is commonly used by bodybuilders both in very heavy cycles and in very long cycles in those where the HPTA axis is severely suppressed. Although HCG can be used in any cycle, the greatest benefits are seen in long or heavy cycles.
How long does CHORULON 5000IU increase testosterone levels?
A: HCG increases testosterone production for 5 days after the last dose, since the drug’s half-life is short and has no action after that period.</p>
Can CHORULON 5000IU cause gynecomastia?
A: Yes. Estrogen is elevated in two ways with the use of CHORULON 5000IU 5ML. Primarily due to the pure increase in testosterone, which makes more testosterone available to be flavored with estrogen. Secondly, CHORULON 5000IU 5MLcan cause a small amount of estrogen to be produced without being a product of aromatization. For this reason, a combination of an anti aromatase, such as arimidex, and an estrogen receptor blocker, such as tamoxifen, is recommended. Tamoxifen may also offer an optional benefit by helping to avoid negative estrogen feedback on the HPTA axis during CHORULON 5000IU 5ML therapy, which could, on the other hand, slightly decrease the effectiveness of therapy.
How should I use CHORULON 5000IU in the post-cycle?
A: The dose varies depending on how suppressed your HPTA is, and how you respond to CHORULON 5000IU 5ML. Some people only respond with 750 ui a day or up to 1000 ui a day. But we don’t want to cause a decrease in the sensitivity of Leydig cells, which would make treatment with clomid less effective. Start with 500ui a day, if after 5 to 6 days your testicles are not noticeably larger and lower, consider a slightly larger dose.
How should I apply CHORULON 5000IU?
A: The application can be done either intramuscularly or subcutaneously, starting with 500ui per day. Example: If the ampoule is 5000ui diluted in 1ml, you must use 0.1 ml to have 500ui. To do this more precisely, just use an insulin syringe of 100 units, which is equivalent to 1 ml, then you would load 10 units of HCG in that syringe, thus having 500ui. It’s simple, just apply a rule of three.
Can I keep the remaining CHORULON 5000IU 5ML in a syringe for later use?
A: This is a controversial subject, some laboratories do not recommend this practice. In the pregnyl package insert for example it says that you can store the solution for up to 90 days. Most people on the internet say that the maximum storage time, once the substance has been diluted, is 30 days. The ideal would be to buy the ampoules in a lower concentration, so as not to have to store for a long time (since the refrigerator in your house is not the ideal type of storage).</p>
When should I use clomid if I am using CHORULON 5000IU 5ML?
A: If you are using 500ui of CHORULON 5000IU 5ML per day, both intramuscularly and subcutaneously, for 10-14 days, you should make the last application of HCG 5 days before starting therapy with clomid. Use clomid with the doses you would normally use.
Should I use anti-e during CHORULON 5000IU 5ML therapy?
A: Yes, you should use some anti-e, usually only tamoxifen is enough to prevent gynecomastia, but in very sensitive people, a combination of an anti-aromatase (arimidex) with a receptor blocker (tamoxifen) could be safer.
High technology HCG, suitable for high production horses and cattle or for better performance.
Each vial containing lyophilisate contains:
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) …………………………. 5000 IU
Each diluent vial contains:
Water for buffered injection …………………………………….. .. 5 ml
ANVISA PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Exempt registration according to RDC resolution 27 of August 6, 2010 annex I.


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