All-natural approach to helping your horse reach higher levels in performance & health
Increase oxygen-carrying capacity to optimize equestrian performance*
Master every move*
Stay fast and flexible*
Jump to the win*
EQ-Royal is safe, effective and legal.

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EQ-ROYAL SINGLE JAR is the only natural horse blood builder designed for safe daily use as a performance horse supplement. EQ Royal promotes the production of healthy red blood cells and hemoglobin to improve your horses’ stamina and endurance. EQ Royal is a scientifically formulated, patent-pending nutritional supplement created with one goal in mind: to help support healthy blood levels, strengthen muscles and provide immune support for your horse. Equinexo.com.com How does EQ Royal work? EQ Royal safely increases the horses natural production of red blood cells and hemoglobin. When this happens your horse will feel more energy and be able to perform at a higher level because their blood is carrying more oxygen to working muscles. The active ingredients in the patent-pending EQ Royal formula help promote red blood cells and hemoglobin production in four ways: Stimulation of Blood Building Hormone: EQ Royal increases a natural hormone that controls the release of new red blood cells and hemoglobin into the bloodstream. This same hormone has been shown to increase muscle strength. Red Blood Cell Nutrients: EQ Royal provides all of the raw materials needed to produce healthy red blood cells. Iron Availability Complex: Red blood cells use iron to carry oxygen in the bloodstream. EQ Royal contains several sources of iron and iron transport factors that increase iron absorption from your horses diet. Potent Antioxidants: Inflammation can block red blood cell production. EQ Royal contains several potent antioxidants to reduce inflammation in the blood to promote healthy red cell formation. Equinexo.com.com


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