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Banamine Injectable Solution in as anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Used in horses for the alleviation of inflammation and pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders and for the alleviation of visceral pain associated with colic. Banamine Injectable Solution is used in cattle for the control of pyrexia (fever) associated with bovine respiratory disease and endotoxemia, and for the control of inflammation in endotoxemia. Each ml of Banamine Injectable Solution contains flunixin meglumine equivalent to 50 mg flunixin.

The recommended dosage of Banamine Injectable Solution for horses is 0.5 mg per lb (1 ml per 100 lbs) body weight given IV or IM once daily, and repeated for up to 5 days. The recommended dosage for cattle is 1.1-2.2 mg per kg (1-2 ml per 100 lbs) given by slow IV, either once per day or divided into two doses given at 12 hour intervals for up to 3 days. Flunixin meglumine.

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Please note that this item requires a veterinarian’s prescription.

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Banamine Summary:

This product is injectable Flunixin Meglumine/Banamine.  Banamine is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Drug (NSAID) used as an analgesic (pain relief) and anti-pyretic (fever reducing) in horses.   It is used for many conditions such as pain relief from colic, trauma, musculoskeletal pain, reduction of soft tissue swelling and pain, and as an anti-inflammatory/anti-pyretic during infectious or inflammatory conditions.  It is generally not considered as effective as Phenylbutazone for lameness.

Dosage and Administration:

0.5mg/lb., IV, twice daily.  This is the same as 10cc IV twice daily.  Intramuscular (IM) banamine administration is not recommended as it has been associated with an increased risk of clostridial myositis infections. The daily dose should never surpass your horse’s weight and should only be given once in a twelve hour period.  If your horse weighs 1000 lbs. then you should not exceed 10 cc. twice daily.

USEF Rules:

for Banamine/Flunixin are as follows:

Beginning 12/1/2011, do not administer more than one permitted NSAID at a time. NSAID Disclosure forms are not accepted following this date.

Whenever two NSAIDs are administered, one must be discontinued at least three (3) days prior to competing.

Whenever any NSAID is administered that does not appear on the permitted list (GR 410.4), it must not have been administered during the seven days prior to competing.


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