Active substance: Recombinant Human Grown Hormone (rDNA Origin) USP
Manufacturer: Thaiger Pharma
Unit: 1x 36IU with Pen

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GERIOSTIM AQUA PEN 36IU by Thaiger Pharma is a synthesised human growth hormone or Somatropin. It is an analogue to the natural human growth hormone having an identical effect on your physique. Thaiger Pharma manufcaturer always delivers high quality products and the dosage is exactly as stated on the package.

The injection is made through a needleless pen making it safe, hygienic and painless. You can administer it by yourself. So what is human growth hormone? It is also used for enhancing performance, endurance. Gain muscle mass while getting rid of fat. In order to gain quality muscle tissue the HGH has to paired up with a power workout routine and a protein diet. Thaiger Pharma Geriostim Aqua is also available in 16 i.u and 45 i.u dosage
Geriostim Aqua pen Positive Effects:

Improved cognition
Muscle growth
Fat burn
Bone strengthening and calcium retention
Immune system stimulation
Depression suppression

Negative side effects when overdosing:

Aching joints
High blood sugar level
Hypothalamus function fading

Manufacturer: Thaiger Pharma

Product Strength: 36 IU – 12 mg

Presentation: 1 Pre-filled Pen for Injection

Active Substance: Somatropin [rDNA origin]

Geriostim Aqua pen 36 i.u by Thaiger Pharma is a human growth hormone aka Somatropin synthesised in a lab and put in a needleless injection pen for your better comfort. The HGH has become increasingly popular among bodybuilders, weight lifters, athletes and other people in competitive sports. This medication works best in one course with steroids multiplying their effect.

Geriostim Aqua pen is effective comparing to other popular weight loss drugs, it also stimulates protein synthesis allowing you to achieve greater results from a sports steroids course. Human growth hormone will also give you greater stamina with a strong boost in performance.

The medication is really famous and popular around the world for being really effective and safe. We have 16, 36 and 45 i.u Somatropin doses available. Consult with your physician before taking Somatropin. Buy human growth hormone with, original quality products only.


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