Cardio Max 5ml
Cardio Max 5ml

Cardio Max 5ml


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Cardio Max 5ml

It is A New treatment in the improvement of blood circulation and prevention of potential clotting, It also improves in overall function of mind and body performance of the Horse or Camels using Cardio Max 5ml. It contains an active ingredient of Gingko Biloba and GRF selected Peptide which is widely known for its amazing ability to improve the conditioning of arteries and veins in regards to blood flow, and clotting, which is vital for high performance Horse and Camels in the racing industry.Cardio Max 5ml

It allows them to adapt and react to differing environmental condition such as the pressures of a
major race. Cardio Max also had a profound Impact on blood circulation which assists with the recovery after hard work and repair in the case of ailments.


Blood Circulation Medication for Horses & Camels and Cardio Max 5ml

It is a unique complex solution with an active ingredient Ginkgo Biloba and GRF selected Peptide sequence, also known as the maidenhair tree. The plant has a number of therapeutic properties and contains high levels of flavonoids and terpenoids, these are antioxidants that provide protection against oxidative cell damage from harmful free radicals.

HOW DOES Cardio Max 5ml WORK?
CRADIO MAX is essentially composed of selected aminos (GRF) and flavonoids (which are considered to be powerful antioxidants that slow down the aging of cells) but also Ginkgolides and Bilobalides, whose role is to prevent the formation of blood clots, while at the same time improving venous circulation. Ginkgolides and Bilobalides also play a powerful role in improving blood circulation.

WHY Cardio Max 5ml is USE?
CARDIO MAX is clinically proven to protect the metabolism and the healthy functioning of the animal’s body and organs, also supports and improves arterial and venous circulation and therefore provides better blood flow. It slows down the aging of cells and improves the blood circulation making the brain and body much more alert, as well as more able to respond to the different needs of the horse or camel in different situations which is key in high performance racing conditions.

SIZE AND DOSAGE of Cardio Max 5ml:
5 x 5ml vials per box. Put up to 3-5 vials into 1 litre of saline solution 3-4 days before competition.

Complex solution with active ingredient Gingko Biloba and GRP selected Peptide sequence.

STORAGE of Cardio Max 5ml:
CARDIO MAX should be stored below 25°C protect from direct sunlight.


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