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Cuyulid is a bisphosphonate drug <strong>used to treat postmenopausal osteoporosis while leveling vitamin D in the body.
With the regeneration of the bone caused by this drug, future fractures of the hip or spine are avoided.
It is important to know that vitamin D is responsible for building healthy bones in the body. When there is a deficiency, a product of lack of sun or consumption in food, the risks of fractures are greater.
Learn how it is administered and everything you need to know to start a treatment with Cuyulid.
What are the presentations and how is Cuyulid taken?
Cuyulid should be ingested by mouth. can be found in boxes with 4 tablets of 70 mg / 5600 IU. Each should be taken weekly, that is, take 1 a week.
The instructions are clear and <strong>must be followed to the letter to avoid complications.

Take Cuyulid with a full glass of water (250ml) at least half an hour before the first food, drink or medicine.
Never chew or crush the pill as you risk getting an oropharyngeal ulceration.
Wait at least 30 minutes to lie down after taking the weekly dose.

What is the price of Cuyulid and where can I buy?
Currently Cuyulid can be purchased in its presentation of 4 tablets with a grammage of: Alendronate sodium 70 MG – Colecalciferol 5600 IU.
You can visit Farmacias Prixz, Farmacias del Ahorro, Farmacias San Pablo, among others, to review their offers and choose the one that suits you best.

Box with 4 tablets. Its price ranges between 900 and 1050 Mexican pesos.

Duration of treatment with Cuyulid
With the start of treatment of one tablet a week, the certainty of the duration of this regimen is not yet clear. The progression of osteoporosis determines the duration of taking this drug. Regarding this, it can be said that the evaluation in each patient is essential to know if it is necessary to continue or if any other alternative is administered. The time for that opinion may appear after 5 years or more of treatment.
Cuyulid in Pregnancy and Lactation
This medicine is intended to be applied to women who have developed osteoporosis after menopause, therefore, its use in pregnancy or lactation is not indicated in any way. In addition to this, there are not enough studies to conclude that there may be a safe or innocuous use of this drug in women in these stages.

Cuyulid contraindications
We must bear in mind the series of restrictions that this drug brings with it. Its consumption should be avoided in the following cases to avoid complications that may exceed the cost-benefit.

Hypersensitivity to the formula
Esophageal abnormalities that alter the emptying of the esophagus
Inability to swallow
Not being able to stand or sit for a period of 30 minutes
Renal insufficiency
Low calcium levels

Precautions with the use of Cuyulid
When starting treatment with this drug, one must be aware of the warning stamps. Check what they are:

This medicine should be applied with special care to people with problems in the upper part of the digestive system: dysphagia, ulcers, active gastrointestinal bleeding, among others.

Cuyulid can cause esophageal problems.
There have been cases where osteonecrosis of the jaw develops, that is, the death of the jaw bone. For this reason, people who are treated with bisphosphonates, chemotherapies or corticosteroids should be followed up. Any dental action must be thoroughly reviewed to avoid this effect.
In patients using bisphosphonates, musculoskeletal pain has been detected. Likewise, there may be femur fractures.
Before starting treatment with Cuyulid, the origin of the osteoporosis should be carefully reviewed, and if this is the case, the low calcium levels should be remedied.

Cuyulid side effects
The adverse reactions that can be suffered when ingesting this medicine can be established. Currently, studies provide a huge variety of effects, however, the typical or common ones are shown. If any occur outside of this list, one is aggravated or is persistent, you should see a doctor immediately.


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